GA4 Recipes

Easy Custom Reports for Google Analytics 4

Do you want to use Google Analytics, but find it too complicated?

GA4 Recipes is a 'cook book' that will help new or occasional users of Google Analytics 4 (GA4) build simple, custom reports that display only the information you need as very small and/or local business.

The default Reports page is geared towards sites that...

  • already have a lot of traffic,
  • customers who buy things on the site,
  • and keep coming back to buy more,
  • customers who come from paid ad campaigns,
  • international customers,
  • and customers who are looking to read long articles.
Default Google Analytics Reports Snapshot

The default Reports Snapshot in GA4

If you are a new or an occasional user of Google Analytics, the standard reports page is just too distracting and discouraging. In addition, if you are a small business-owner who only wants your website to help local customers call and come in, it will always be too complicated.

You could hire someone to sort through and simplify the charts for you, but SEO Professionals are expensive! And they tend to want monthly contracts and more complex projects so they can make a living at what they do. That's fair, but maybe not in your budget, yet.

On top of that, Google Analytics is rolling out a completely new platform called "Google Analytics 4" or GA4. Until the Summer of 2023, when Google will have converted everyone to the GA4 platform, many small (affordable) SEO and Google Analytics consultants will still be using the legacy platform.

The GA4 Recipes book is made for occasional users of Google Analytics

Instead of learning GA4 in depth, or spending hours looking for what you need, just follow the recipes to set up simple, at-a-glance reports that can help you make decisions about your small business.

Are you a very small, local business?

Do you have a brand new website? Or has your website been live, but doing nothing for your business?

This book will give you a few good recipes for Analytics Reports that begin with one simple question .

Is anyone (besides you) coming to your website?

There's no need to learn GA4 in depth or spend hours figuring out how GA4 works. Just follow the recipes and you'll be able to focus on the only thing that matters in the beginning - getting traffic to your website.

We'll also give you some tips on how to do that.

Simplified, focussed GA4 Reports Snapshot showing no traffic to website

Here's where you'll start... the only site visitor is you!

Simplified, focussed GA4 Reports Snapshot showing good traffic to website

Here's what you're aiming for... steady traffic from Google Search (and local cities).

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Table of Contents

  1. Introduction: What Google Products You'll Need
  2. Installing GA4 on Your Website (gtag)
  3. Removing Yourself from the Data
  4. Recipe #1: 'Reports Snapshot' for Totally New Businesses
  5. How to Get Customers to Your Website
  6. Recipe #2: What are Visitors Doing on Your Website?
  7. Recipe #3: Which of Your Marketing Campaigns Work the Best?

How to Purchase GA4 Recipes

Price includes a PDF download and future updates.

Price: $15.99

About the Author

Christine Golden, author of GA4 Recipes

I am Christine Golden, a semi-retired, frontend and WordPress website developer. You can learn more about my experience and recent projects at CLGolden Website Services.

I've always been interested in making sure my small business clients get a good return on their website investment. That means building SEO features into the code, educating new website owners in the basics of SEO, and measuring progress with Google Analytics.

Encouraging new website owners to appreciate their analytics requires the creation of more human-friendly reporting. I had a system... but with the upcoming conversion of the old Universal Analytics to Google Analytics 4 (GA4), I, like every SEO and Analytics professional out there, must change.

It's early days for GA4. Tutorials and courses are in short supply–and tend to be geared towards Google Analytics 'power-users.' So, GA4 users must rely on the Google support documents and community–a daunting task!

That's why I am refining, organizing and publishing my research into this GA4 Recipes book. Hopefully, it will help you make better business decisions and reach the next step in your success!